Energy Healing Transformed My Life and it Can Do The Same For You

Soul-Directed Energy Healing changed my life, and all for the better. At the age of 40, I had been divorced twice, was dating emotionally and financially needy men, and was frustrated beyond belief. I knew that there was something preventing me from attracting the right men, and I knew it had to do with me, but I didn't know what to do about it.

I mentioned to a friend that I was about to give in and get therapy. I say "give in" because I viewed needing therapy, or any kind of help for that matter, as a weakness. Little did I know then that it would be one of the most courageous things I ever did.

Asking for help, whether it be from a friend or a professional, is anything but an action of weakness. Being willing to explore your life in the hopes of improving your circumstances, whether they be physical, emotional, or financial, is a very brave thing indeed.

However, the idea of talking through my past was something I could hardly bear. I'd lived it and had no interest in reliving it, but I felt some sense of desperation.

Thankfully, my friend told me that while therapy had its place, she thought I might enjoy meeting a friend of hers. He was an energy healer, which at the time I knew nothing about, and I was skeptical -- in fact, I was highly skeptical.

But something in me told me to call him and learn more.

I made the call, scheduled my first session, and immediately decided I would tell this man nothing about myself. I didn't want to tell my life story only to have some charlatan give me some lame advice that he then charged me for. 

To my delight, this man didn't ask a thing about my life story. He only asked me about what kind of help I was seeking and I explained to him that I just couldn't seem to find a man to have a long-term relationship with. 

He then proceeded to provide me healing through a meditative process. No touching. No delving into my past. It was the most pleasurable experience. It was relaxing and, afterward, I immediately felt better.

I proceeded to work with this man off and on for 15 years and then trained with him for 3 years and have since provided this healing work for others.

I promise you,  I would not have met my current husband (for almost 20 years now) nor be living the life of my dreams had it not been for the energy healing work I enjoyed over the years.

I look forward to being able to easily yet powerfully help you live the life you were meant to live through soul-directed energy healing. 

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