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Hey Corporate Hostage!

Helping successful professionals who yearn to escape the corporate chaos and create a business that feeds their soul.

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You’ve Had It!

You’ve worked your tail off to get to where you are and by any standard, you are successful.

But you’re tired of the “old boys network”, the game playing, the ridiculous rules, the endless meetings, the bureaucracy, the nonsense.

You long for more freedom, more flexibility, more money, and more fulfillment in your work, but you just can’t seem to leave the corporate world for good.

You feel your soul nudging you to do work you truly love but you can come up with a hundred different reasons why that would never work.

And, you’re afraid. You’re afraid you’ll never be able to create a business that provides the level of income you are making now. You are afraid your friends will think you’re crazy giving up this high-level, highly-paid corporate job. You’re afraid your marriage or partnership will fall apart, or you’ll lose your home, or your identity if you no longer do what you have been so successful at. Or, maybe, you just feel paralyzed in fear and don’t really know what it is you’re afraid of.

If you’re like most “corporate hostages” you may have first opted to take the path of least resistance by trying to convince yourself that if you just hung in there, things would get better. Or maybe you changed employers thinking that would be the solution to your problems. Or tried a different job in the same field. Maybe you’ve tried working with a coach or career counselor, both of which can be very helpful, but for you, it didn’t get you the results you were looking for. And, maybe you even dipped your toe in the water and started a side-hustle but still can’t seem to make the leap out of your corporate job.

To break through the fear of giving up a perceived life of financial and emotional security for a life filled with unknowns we must take a three-legged stool approach to your situation. While coaching and career counseling and even advice from family and friends can be helpful, they often don’t create for you an integrated plan that includes the most vital components for you to feel safe and confident in making your escape plan. A successful escape plan incorporates those things that help you feel safe while giving you the confidence to break free and thrive.

There are three areas where true transformations need to take place so a peaceful and easy transition from a corporate job to a successful, sustainable business can occur:

Money: we really need to develop a great relationship with money in order to develop mindful money habits and become a great steward for it.

Mindset: we need to ensure that we develop a mindset for entrepreneurial success. Learning how to successfully operate a business is something anyone can learn, but creating a conscious business takes the development of a mindset of creating something bigger than just ourselves.

Personal and Spiritual Growth:  recovery from the corporate life and healing of old wounds allow us to thrive, and the healthier we are — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — the easier it will be to create the life of our dreams.

Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP®

As a Certified Financial Planner® professional who has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Metaphysics, a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner experienced in giving Akashic Record Readings, and a Soul-Based Energy Healer, I am one of those rare individuals who has a foot planted firmly in both the physical and spiritual worlds who is uniquely positioned to help you live the life you are meant to live.

And, just as important as the degrees and certifications, I eat my own cooking. With the assistance of numerous teachers, energy practitioners and professional coaches I have actively been pursuing my own personal growth and healing work for the past 35 years which I can say, without hesitation, has transformed my life.

It has been my privilege to help thousands of clients over the past 30 years become more aligned financially, emotionally and spiritually to who they truly are which has not only helped them transform their careers but also transform their lives.

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