Coaching/Mentoring Programs

  • 30 Minute "Mini Escape to Freedom" Session

    Just need some quick answers? Sign up for this mini session today!

  • 60-minute "Escape to Freedom" Session

    For more in-depth help, sign up for a 60-minute session

  • 9 Month "Escape to Freedom" Program

    Completely Transform Your Life with the 9 Month "Escape to Freedom" Program (Two 60 minute sessions per month for nine months.)

  • You get the choice -- make one full payment, or spread the cost over the full nine months

Why Is Coaching and Mentoring So Valuable?

"I wouldn't be where I am today without working with coaches and mentors. I didn't know the questions to ask myself to get the deeper, better answers for what I truly wanted in my life. It took someone that was certainly invested in my success, but not emotionally involved in my life. This impartial, unbiased advocate was able to help me get from where I was to where I wanted to be, in the quickest timeframe with the fewest mistakes made.

No one succeeds alone. We all need a village."  -- Janet Tyler Johnson

  • Eleanor Healy
    "Janet is a master at guiding you to exactly where you need to go; she can do this in such a gentle and supportive way that you hardly realize the massive shift until it happens: boom! I'm very grateful for her powerful support and mentorship--practical step by step strategies included! Thank you, Janet, for pointing out the deeper answers that were available to me."
    Eleanor Healy
  • Rita Ester
    "Since leaving my corporate job of almost 11 years almost 3 months ago, I have been trying so hard to see exactly where I fit in and what my path is. After 90 minutes on the phone with you, my vision and direction of my business is crystal clear and I am more excited about where my future is headed than I ever have been in my life. From boundary issues to working out exactly who my ideal client is, we covered a LOT of ground (with tons of goosebumps along the way!) I seriously can't thank you enough."
    Rita Ester
30 Minute Mini "Escape to Freedom" Session

This is the session you want if you just need a little quick advice.

Single 60-minute "Escape to Freedom" Session

Have a more in-depth issue? You can purchase one or several of these sessions as needed.

9 Month "Escape to Freedom" Program -- Full Pay

This is for you if you are ready to fully transform your life by escaping from your corporate job, getting your business set up, being coached through all the various pieces of the business while getting advice on how to avoid the things that lead to failure. AND -- a few surprise bonuses for paying up front.

9 Month "Escape to Freedom" Program -- Monthly Payments

This is the same flagship 9 month program, just paid for over the 9 month time frame.

  • Laurie Sordahl
    Janet has the insight to help you focus and stay on track with what's important in your life. She helps empower you to move forward if you are getting stuck and to discover what you are passionate about pursuing in your life. I've enlisted Janet's help for over four years now and I've learned a great del about the energy of money and how to alleviate my fears of "not having "enough" as so many of us do. Once you learn to become focused on the big picture and your dreams, the money will truly follow.
    Laurie Sordahl

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