• Create a Vision for Your Life and Your New Business

  • Discover Your Divine Gifts

  • Remove Anything Blocking You From Moving Forward

  • Learn How To Move Through Fear

  • Develop Strategies For Creating Your Ideal Life

  • Create Your Escape Plan

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This 3 Month Mentoring Program will identify your divine gifts, remove any blocks that may be impeding your utilizing those gifts, help you live more from your authentic self, create the vision for your new business, and include four hour-long sessions over three months along with email support in between sessions. At the end of this program you will have a clear vision of where you are headed and some strategies to help you get there.

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  • Janet’s coaching has been absolutely essential to my personal and professional development. Not only does she provide guidance in an incredibly nurturing way, she has given me the tools to clarify my vision for what I want out of my life and my career. She helped me identify many of the habits and attitudes I brought out of my corporate career and has helped me refine them in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Janet’s inspiration and influence have been a true blessing in helping me overcome so many challenges as I started on my new professional journey. I am forever grateful to her for continually guiding me to new heights and gaining greater satisfaction out of my work.“
    Chris Ball
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  • Janet is a master at guiding you to exactly where you need to go; she can do this in such a gentle and supportive way that you hardly realize the massive shift until it happens: boom! I'm very grateful for her powerful support and mentorship--practical step by step strategies included! Thank you, Janet, for pointing out the deeper answers that were available to me."
    Eleanor Healy

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“If you found out you only had five years left to live, how much longer would you wait to begin living your ideal life? Take action today. You deserve to live your best life and I can help you get there.” — Janet Tyler Johnson